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Tok Finder

Unlimited Tiktok influencers

Screw paying for email exports. Pay once. Access forever.
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📧 Unlimited email exports
Say goodbye to paying for email exports. With Tok Finder, you can export as many emails as you want, whenever you want. No limits, no restrictions.
🔎 Unlimited searches
The other guys limit you to a certain number of searches per month. With Tok Finder, you can search as much as you want, whenever you want.
👗30k+ affiliates
Access to 30k+ Tiktok Shop affiliates to help you promote your product or service.


One time
50% off for first 100 customers with code: FIDDYOFF
Unlimited searches
Unlimited exports
Lifetime Access
Access to 650k+ influencers emails
30k+ affiliates

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I filter by category?
Do you have Tiktok Shop data?
How often is data updated?
Can you do this for Instagram? YouTube?
How many influencers do you have?
Quit paying for Email Exports
One flat fee. Unlimited access. Forever.
Tok Finder
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